breastfeeding challenges?

helping new families feel comfortable and easeful with breastfeeding, no matter what the other complexities of their lives entail

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Person to Person Lactation Support

I will address your concerns in your home or outside, and can provide evidence-based clinical interventions and twenty-four hour support via phone, text and email. I also offer virtual visits! I am able to travel to all five NYC boroughs! Sliding scale rates available, so don’t hesitate to ask.

Virtual Lactation Support

Quickly get personalized, expert, breastfeeding & newborn feeding support from the comfort of your own home.

Limitless Support

Most important is the health of your baby. I will follow up until we are positive that your child is gaining the right amount, and thriving. There is no limit to follow-ups, check-ins, communication, and support.

Here are some possible lactation issues I could help you with:

-Preparing to breastfeed during pregnancy

-Advocating for a healthy start to breastfeeding during your hospital stay

-Getting a comfortable latch right from the start, and finding easeful positions

 -Oversupply and undersupply issues--we can regulate them together! 

-Hand expression, pumping, milk storage, human milk bank and formula supplementation

-Sore nipples! And any breast pain! We can solve it and make it all gone:(

-Breastfeeding while going back to work, or school


Molly Lieber

Lactation Support for All Parents

My goal is to help all parents in need of lactation support. If pricing is a concern, contact me and I’ll work with you on a sliding scale.